About Us

Time Sensitive Animals is a nonprofit clothing brand dedicated to blending artistry with advocacy. Our mission is to amplify the voices of animals through unique apparel that supports ethical practices and conservation efforts worldwide. Every piece is designed with a commitment to sustainability and a portion of each purchase goes directly towards initiatives that protect and preserve animal habitats.

Our Mission

At Time Sensitive Animals, we're passionate about protecting wildlife and preserving natural resources. We create stylish, eco-friendly fashion that doesn't compromise on quality or comfort. Each piece of clothing is designed with a commitment to sustainability, ensuring that every purchase supports our mission of making a positive impact on our planet.


I'm Ari Wolf, an aspiring entrepreneur studying Entrepreneurship and Marketing at Quinnipiac University. My journey began with founding ventures like Timeless Attire and Wolf Wear, where I developed skills in product design, branding, and business management.

At Time Sensitive Animals, I blend my love for art and animals, designing a nonprofit clothing line that advocates for ethical practices. With a passion for sustainability and expertise in digital tools like Adobe Photoshop and Shopify, I'm dedicated to making a positive impact through creative entrepreneurship.

Join me in redefining business with authenticity and purpose.